InviteManager documentation


InviteManager is a powerful discord Invite Manager bot system and much more. You will be able to configure join, leave and join channel/messages, configure custom ranks.
Warning - In case InviteManager does not have the necessary permissions, it will not track invites.

Getting started

First be sure InviteManager is actually in your server, you can invite IinviteManager to your server here, the bot needs Manage Server and Manage Roles permissions.
By default, InviteManager will ask for the permissions required (Manage Server and Manage Roles). Otherwise the bot may not count invites, InviteManager will detect that it does not have the necessary permissions and send an alert when executing the command /invites. See FAQ for more details.


Once you have added InviteManager correctly, it will start tracking new invites. In order to take advantage of all of InviteManager's features, please configure your settings.
Tip - The default prefix for InviteManager is /. If you ping the bot it will tell you the default prefix on your server.

Syntax used in the documentation

- Premium feature [...] - Optional parameter <...> - Required parameter option1 | option2 - Select one of the given options
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